As an system integrator BRI provides a single source for consultancy, design, implementation and support of the TOTAL INTEGRATION SOLUTION for your business needs and corporate planning.


The building industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the nation. BRI provides high-tech and specialist services to the building industry, particularly in the area of building automation and security system. Over the last few years the demand of the Intelligent building concept is rapidly increased in this country. BRI has been working closely with other third parties in providing total solution of integrated intelligent building system. This includes integration of building security system, alarm system, access control system, carbon monoxide monitoring system and others.






CCTV has different functions based on the concept of monitoring, recording and identifying. BRI has the complete range of CCTV products like camera, camera housing, lens, DVR, monitor and multiplexer.Planning, systems design, engineering, product supply, installation, testing and commissioning, training and maintenance services are the services offered for CCTV giving BRI’s customers total solutions to meet their requirements and applications.

Entry into specific office premises are usually restricted to only authorized personnel. A building access control system restricts the entry of unauthorized people and monitors all activities at the entry or exit points. Management can also use this system as an attendance timing device.Developers and building owners can use the security and monitoring system to construct an intelligent premise with a fully-integrated building management system. Features like an access control system and CCTV system would help reduce operating cost like power consumption.Our perimeter intrusion system has intelligently hidden devices like the motion detectors; magnetic contacts, glass-break detectors, audible devices and intruder system controllers to safeguard your premises. When the system is triggered, it will generate response to designated points like the police station or security guards office.