The Structured Cabling System (SCS) plays a critical role in all telecommunication systems, providing the physical link between sources and destinations of all information. Data, voice, video and control signals are transmitted over this structure linking devices across the room, throughout a building and across several buildings.


The SCS may be quite small and simple, linking just a few nodes, or it may be massive, linking several buildings with tens of thousands of nodes, or a system somewhere in between. Essentially the SCS is a simple physical link between active equipment, and is comprised of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable or Optical Fibre Cable or combination of both. However to facilitate the day-to-day operations of a normal office environment, the link must enable the user to make adds, moves and changes wherever and whenever necessary. Furthermore, the SCS must also be universal in its ability to carry a wide variation of applications – from voice and low speed data to high speed LAN applications.

Being the authorized and certified installer for AMP, KRONE ADT and BROADGUARD structured cabling systems, BRI’s cabling and networking is 100 per cent solution based on the above vendor’s full range of products and design.


The supply of telecommunications equipment, materials and system has been a long mainstay of BRI. With the company’s view on Test & Measurement Equipment and Computer Networking, the supply of materials and equipment to the telecommunications industry is a logical step for the company. Every system requires materials and equipment for communications. Materials such as cables and connectors and equipment such as routers. Working closely with the principal and client, BRI was able to meet the requirement of the client with the products of the principal.